Structure + Voice

You need both.

The books I love are not only well-structured tales but told with the language and voice that tap into something deeper and more elusive. The stuff that elevates story into art. I’m not talking about Ulysses here. I think the most powerful work happening now is in genre fiction and YA fiction.

I’m interested in elevating writers’ voices to make genre work truly extraordinary. I love history and speculative fiction, works that shine a light on our modern world in new ways. I love writers who write from the deep voice, who are trying to do something profound.

“Structure is vital. But voice is the clay that structure exists to shape.”
Jacob Krueger, screenwriting teacher

About Me:

I’ve written 100 pieces of flash fiction which I’m in the process of self-publishing as A Flash in the Pan. I’m also blueprinting a time travel fantasy and a steampunk historical novel.

I’m a book coach in training at, work that forms the basis of my approach to coaching. I edit podcasts for Jacob Krueger’s Write Your Screenplay. And I’m a student of Jack Grapes’ Method Writing, which emphasizes transformational writing that comes from the “deep voice.”

I have a couple pieces in TYPO 2: A Journal of Lettrism, Surrealist Semantics & Constrained Design

Since 2008, I’ve been a practicing attorney in California. In the 1990s, I edited books at O’Reilly, including best sellers like Web Design in a Nutshell and JavaScript for Designers. I even wrote a funky little volume called GIF Animation.

“It’s your sense of truth, your sense of authenticity, coming from your deep voice that’s how you connect with the reader. Not from your story or your ideas.”
Jack Grapes, poet and teacher

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