Pick your starting point:

1. Coaching from Scratch

You have a raw idea. Now what? This is the best way to start with book coaching. Working together we’ll build out a plan for your novel using concepts from books like Blueprint for a Fiction Book by Jennie Nash, The IDEA by Erik Bork, Story Genius by Lisa Cron, and my own work in progress, Voice: A Writer’s Exploration.

With a solid blueprint in hand, you’ll write chapters and receive feedback on your work and support in writing forward. With a month of planning, three months of writing, and two more months to rewrite, you’ll have a solid draft in six months.

2. Coaching the Rewrite

You’ve finished a first draft. Now what? It seems like having the first draft under your belt should be easier than starting from zero, and of course it is a huge accomplishment. But now you have a new problem. Probably you were “pantsing” your draft and now you have hundreds of pages of … some beautiful stuff … and some dead ends … some cliched writing … and a pretty wonky structure.

The Novel Review

The first step is the Novel Review, a light assessment of structural integrity, quality of voice, believability, and theme. It’s a quick, inexpensive pass that lets you know if you need deeper editing or if some tweaks will have you ready for the market. You get a 2-3 page review and an hour zoom call to review next steps.

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Development Edit

With the major issues identified, it’s time for a development edit. This is a deep and careful look at every big-picture issue in the draft. I ask questions like:  Does the opening hint at the core conflict and ground the reader in time and place? Does the book have a central dramatic question and is it big enough to sustain a whole book?  … Check out my whole list on Substack

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Coaching the Rewrite

A dev edit makes sense if the draft is relatively coherent. But many times, you’ll feel your first draft is a beautiful mess. In this case, we’ll want coach the rewrite. We’ll dial the work all the way back to an outline, identifying the ideas and chapters that do work, that don’t work and all the pieces you still need to write or fundamentally change.

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“Richard has what it takes to nurture a book and its creator, not just because he knows how to write beautifully, but also because his feedback is perceptive, inspiring, and generous.”

Lisa Segal, author of Jack Grapes’ Method Writing: The Brush-Up Book

“Richard is a thorough, insightful and passionate sounding board for a writer’s creativity, providing a safe space to experiment, while also giving firm, practical guidance based on a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Matt Reagan, screenwriter, The Phobic (2006)

“I highly recommend Richard as a book/writing coach to anyone who is feeling lost in their writing journey or to those who just want to become better writers and published authors.”

Rachel Rose Estrebella, beginning writer

“I am grateful for the valuable insight provided by Richard. His feedback on an issue I was having with an opening chapter gave me a fresh perspective on how to more effectively present my MC’s situation to better engage readers.”

H.S. Gilchrist, fiction author